Visiting Singapore by Air

With Changi Airport as one of the finest in the world, visiting Singapore by air is nothing but convenient, comfortable and hassle-free.

Airport Shuttle Service

The MaxiCab airport shuttle offers a scheduled service with flexible routing to almost all hotels within the city (excluding hotels on Sentosa and Le Meridien Changi). Alighting points are flexible and any destination within the Central Business District is catered to including MRT stations. The six-seater Mercedes MaxiCab has wheel-chair accessible features and luggage room. Bookings are made at the airport shuttle counters located at Arrival Halls of both Terminal 1 and 2. Payment is made directly to the MaxiCab driver.

Driving into Singapore

In Singapore, drivers drive on the left-hand side of the road, like the British system. Road signs are clear and plentiful. Foreign motorists are required to pay tolls and a Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) charge at the checkpoints when they drive into Singapore. Payments have to be made using an electronic smartcard called the Autopass Card. Autopass Cards are sold at the primary clearance/immigration booths or VEP/Tolls office at Singapore checkpoints.

The city centre of Singapore is the restricted zone. Additional road tax is required to enter this area during working hours from Monday to Friday. Also, some sections of highways are restricted during rush hours. The additional road tax is paid by a system called Electronic Road Pricing, or ERP. Every car traveling on the Singapore road must have an IU, or In-vehicle Unit, installed. A cash card is inserted into the IU so that when entering the restricted zone, the ERP gantries will automatically deduct the tax from the cash card. Depending on which time you enter the zone, these charges can be anything from $0.50 to $2.50. More information about ERP can be found here


There is an abundance of parking availability in Singapore, virtually every housing block has a parking garage and even in the city center there are never any problems in finding a parking spot in one of the many underground parkings. There are several ways of paying parking fees, depending on the parking lot:

  • With parking coupons in any URA parking lot (Coupons are available in most supermarkets and 7-eleven outlets, as well as tobacco shops and other convenience shops)
  • By entry-ticket systems and autopayment machines (coins and notes)
  • By automated cash card systems (which you will have in your car anyway, for paying Electronic Road Pricing)
  • By automatic deduction of your cash card in your IU (device for paying Electronic Road Pricing)

Getting here by Train

There are two train services available for visitors to enter Singapore via Malaysia or Thailand. The luxurious Eastern & Oriental Express allows one to travel in style and comfort, while experiencing the mystical wonders of Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Bookings can be made via the website.

The KTM trains offer a comfortable and efficient ride into Singapore from Malaysia. For bookings, email the request form available at their website. Alternately, booking online is also available via their e-ticket services. Visit their websites for timetables and schedules.

Getting Around

Moving around in Singapore by public transport through a comprehensive and efficient network of MRT (Mass Rapid Transport or subway), LRT (Light Rail Transport), busses and taxis is very easy and convenient. Click here for an electronic guide on Singapore's public transport.




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